Blogs are a lively, personal, flexible, and popular form of online self-publishing and discussion. The largest writing project this semester will be the Student Blog Post (SBP), which is an opportunity for you to take on the role of teacher—you’re in charge of the content, the direction of the conversation, and sharing a worthwhile topic with your classmates in your section of Mu 101.

SBP prompt: SBP prompt – Spring 2018

First draft feedback: SBP feedback – spring 2018

SBP rubric: SBP rubric – Spring 2018

SBP proposal worksheet: SBP Proposal worksheet – Spring 2018

Online submission how-to: How to post assignments online – Spring 2018

Discussion leading rubric: SBP discussion leading rubric – Spring 2018

Discussion participation rubric: SBP discussion participation rubric – Spring 2018

Links to examples of blog writing: 


Proposals are due in class on the following days:

  • Section H2 (Tuesdays): March 20
  • Section H3 and L3 (Wednesdays): March 21

Based on the content of your proposal (i.e., how well you express your ideas and intentions), I will choose one of your proposed pieces for you to write about for your SBP. The more robust or thoughtful your proposal, the better prepared you’ll be to write about either topic.

Proposals will be graded for completion, but late proposals will lose 1 point per day (up to 14 days).

First draft

The first draft of this assignment is due on the following days:

  • Section H2 (Tuesdays): April 10 — submit as a hard copy in class stapled to the rubric
  • Section H3 and L3 (Wednesdays): April 11 — via email by 11:59pm (refer to the prompt for proper submission and file naming)

Final draft

Submissions are due by 11:59pm on April 21 to the website for your section of Mu 101:

Discussion leading, April 23-May 13

Your task is to lead the discussion on your post by responding to classmates’ comments and questions, offering follow-up answers, and adding information or links to the ongoing discussion (see rubric). You must add at least one contribution to the ongoing conversation in each of the 3 weeks of publication in order to earn full credit.

Discussion participation, April 23-May 13

There are four discussion criteria for SBP discussion participation (see rubric), each worth 25 points, with the possibility of extra credit (+1 each) for exceptional contributions to each criterion (i.e., 104 points total per SBP discussion). The total number of SBP will be determined by the number of students in the class who submit posts to the section website.

You have the flexibility to comment on SBP at any point during the three-week comment period, but you will earn 10 extra points on this portion of the class for contributing commentary in all three weeks of the publication period (i.e., returning to the magazine each week instead of only commenting right at the beginning or right at the end of the project).