Below are all handouts from the Arts Abroad Program: Music at SUNY Purchase, Fall 2017.

Course syllabus and calendar

AAP Music syllabus

AAP Music calendar – revised Oct 16

AAP Music calendar – revised Nov 6

AAP Music calendar – revised Nov 27

AAP Music calendar – revised Dec 11

In-class notes, writing, and homework

01 Musical tasting menu

2017.10.09 in-class writing info sheet

2017.10.09 intro to American music

02 Music careers, guests, and field trips

2017.10.11 Dvorak

2017.10.16 immigrant continued Dvorak Takemitsu Korde

2017.10.18 in-class interview Hugh Ash

2017.10.23 Puccini

2017.11.01 Vaudeville and Tin Pan Alley

Advice to a College Music Student – Michael D’Angelo – Medium

2017.11.06 pop music – handout

2017.11.06 pop music – in class writing

Pop music analysis

Pop music texts

2017.11.13 talent hard work luck debate

Hubbs 2007 ‘I Will Survive’_ Musical Mappings of Queer Social Space in a Disco Anthem

2017.11.15 class visit followup

2017.11.20 intro to jazz

2017.11.27 jazz 2

2017.11.29 classical jazz

2017.11.29 hw creative writing

2017.12.04 West Side Story

2017.12.11 Copland writing

2017.12.11 Copland

2018.01.03 email interview follow-up

2018.01.03 homework

Mason, Phillip – Soul in the Culture of African Americans (1992)

Rischar, Richard – Vision of Love An Etiquette of Vocal Ornamentation in African-American Ballads 1991-95 (2004)

Stephens, Robert – Soul A Historical Reconstruction (1984)

Blanchard, “The Social Significance of Rap and Hip-Hop Culture” is available here

2018.01.08 big american voices

2018.01.10 intro to hip-hop notes 2

Seoul_s Bumping B-Boy Scene – The New York Times

2018.01.17 minimalism handout


Formal writing assignment prompts

Concert Essay prompt

Concert Essay prompt 2

Travel essay 1 prompt

Travel essay 2 prompt

Travel essay 3 prompt – Met museum

Email interview prompt

Revision prompt

Magazine project