Below are PDFs or links to all reading assigned for Mu 101 – Introduction to Music, at Queensborough Community College (Spring 2020). Most class meetings will begin with an essay that covers the reading assigned for that day.

Texts are listed alphabetically by author, and refer to your course calendar to be sure you read what has been assigned:

Cage, John, “Lecture on Nothing”

Clark, N. Alan, Understanding Music: Past and Present

Clark, N. – Understanding Music

Cook, Nicholas, “The economics of music” from Introduction to Music Studies

Cook, Nicholas – The economics and business of music

Cornelius, Steven and Mary Natvig, Music: A Social Experience

Cornelius 2-7

Cornelius 207-209

Dorris, Jennie, “The Audition,” from Boston Magazine


Ellis, Katharine, “The sociology of music” from Introduction to Music Studies

Ellis – The sociology of music

Forney, Kristin and Andrew Dell’Antonio and Joseph Machlis, The Enjoyment of Music

Forney 4-7
Forney 8-16
Forney 17-25
Forney 26-32
Forney 33-35
Forney 102-107
Forney 150-155
Forney 162-165
Forney 276-281


Nettl, Bruno, The Study of Ethnomusicology

Rivera, Jennifer, “Shouldn’t You be fatter?”

Samson, John, “Music History” from An Introduction to Music Studies

Samson – Music history

Schafer, R. Murray, A Sound Education


Titon, Jeff Todd, Worlds of Music: An Introduction to the Music of the World’s Peoples

Titon 1-4
Titon 18-30
Titon 210-215

Yudkin, Jeremy, Understanding Music

Yudkin 18-21
Yudkin 23-25
Yudkin 26-29
Yudkin 29-30
Yudkin 115-126
Yudkin 130-134
Yudkin 139-144
Yudkin 159-170
Yudkin 245-253
Yudkin 301