Updated March 28

All assignments through May 10:

  • One (1) exam – due by April 6
  • Seven (7) online discussions (weekly)
  • Three (3) peer critique sessions
  • Writing Portfolio – due by May 2
  • Extra credit (optional, weekly)

Exam 1 (due by april 6)


Online discussions – found on the mu 101 homepage

For each discussion, you must add three (3) separate comments: your own ideas, respond to another student, ask an open-ended question that others can respond to.

  • Mar 16-22: Music and Covid-19
  • Mar 23-Apr 5: Music and economics (Extended by one week to accommodate the Re-calibration Period, Mar 27-Apr 1)
  • Mar 30-Apr 5: Music and violence
  • Apr 6-12: Sound migration
  • Apr 13-19: Musicking
  • Apr 20-26: Voyager 2020
  • Apr 27-May 3: Writing an exam for Mu 101

Peer critique sessions

There will be three peer critique sessions: Mar 16-22, Apr 6-19, May 4-10. Your materials for critique should be uploaded to the website for your section of Mu 101 by 11:59pm on Mar 14, Apr 4, and May 2. The final peer critique will be your entire Writing Portfolio.

For each peer critique session, you must offer constructive criticism on all the posts made by students in your section of Mu 101. Constructive criticism can come in many forms. As you read your classmates’ work, what questions come to mind that you wish the author addressed? What trips or tricks have you learned about editing that you think would be helpful? What specifically did you like about the paragraph?

Section websites (for uploading peer critique materials and extra credit):

Instructions for submitting materials online:

Writing Portfolio

The writing you submit may be a collection of revisions of your previous writing or it may be a reflection on this moment for you. The university guidelines state that this should be approximately 10 pages (5,000 words) of writing that you received feedback on from Dr. J. and your fellow classmates, but if you cannot reach this threshold, don’t let that prevent you from submitting anything at all!

Submit your Writing Portfolio as a single blog post on the website for your section of Mu 101 by 11:59pm on May 2. You can use headings to delineate different writings within your post, if you are including separate pieces. Tag the category of your post as “Peer Critique 3.”

Cover sheet for Writing 2 and 6:

Here is a calendar of due dates. If you would like to write these in a different order or would like different due dates, just tell me. I will return writings to you with feedback.

  • Feb 24/26: Writing 1 (Soundscape + Reflection 1)
  • Mar 9/11: Writing 2 (your choice of topic and style)
  • Mar 23: Writing 3 (music criticism) – Send via email as LastName, FirstInitial – Writing 3 (.doc, .docx, or .pdf only; no cloud service links)
  • Apr 6: Writing 4 (concert response + Reflection 2) – Send via email as LastName, FirstInitial – Writing 4 (.doc, .docx, or .pdf only; no cloud service links). You can still “attend” a concert, even though venues are all closed. I’ve added links of various organizations that are broadcasting livestreams or their performance archives for free to the concerts page: https://drjonesmusic.me/classical-music-concerts/
  • Apr 13: Writing 5 (create a primary source document) – Send via email as LastName, FirstInitial – Writing 5 (.doc, .docx, or .pdf only; no cloud service links). Examples are available below (Rameau, Bach, Beethoven).
  • Apr 20: Writing 6 (your choice of topic and style) – Send via email as LastName, FirstInitial – Writing 6 (.doc, .docx, or .pdf only; no cloud service links)

Examples of various kinds of writing are available here.

The final revised Writing Portfolio is due by 11:59pm on May 2 as a submission to the website for your section of Mu 101. It will consist of your revised writing (approximately 5,000 words), plus your Reflection 3 — the same process that you used for your Peer Critique postings. Designate each piece within your Portfolio using different headings (titles of each piece). Everyone who submits this revised portfolio will earn full credit for this assignment. If you need an extension, just tell me. 

Examples of primary source documents for Writing 5:

Extra credit

Extra credit instructions are available here.

Previous assignment handouts