There are several kinds of online projects in Mu 101, spring 2018. The reference sheet handed out in class is available here: Online participation overview – Spring 2018

  1. Weekly online discussions led by the instructor
  2. Sharing and offering constructive criticism on a paragraph from the Course Intro Essay on your section website
  3. SBP magazine: posting your SBP and commenting on those posted by your classmates on your section website
  4. SBP magazine: leading the discussion on your own on your section website

You can also submit optional extra credit assignments weekly.

Online submission how-to: How to post assignments online – Spring 2018

Examples of music blog writing across the Internet

Examples of professional think-piece essays

These are good examples of ways that authors connect music and musical analysis to broader issues in society, just like you’ll be doing in your SBP.

Examples of past Student Blog Posts

Students from previous semesters have submitted some really great blog posts — informative, well-written, entertaining, thoughtful, and personable. Don’t take these examples as an exact template for your own blog post because 1) the assignment is slightly different every semester, so the requirements they wrote for aren’t the same as the ones you’ll be graded on; and 2) blogs are highly personal!

Think of these examples as just that — examples. Your blog post can go in any direction and be about any piece of music that interests you. As you read these, think about what each author does well, how their personality comes through in the post, and various aspects of blog presentation: what makes for a catchy title, layout, headings, inclusion of images or videos throughout the post, etc.