The Writing Portfolio is a capstone assignment that consists of revisions of several Writing Experiences plus new pieces of writing (Concert Response Essay and an overall reflection). It is due the last day of class (T Dec 10 / Th Dec 12).

Kinds of writing

  • Reflection, memoir, (auto)biography
  • Articles / News
  • Op/Ed
  • Gossip page or gossip blog
  • Horoscope
  • True crime
  • Story
  • Kinds of fiction: science fiction, YA novel, fantasy, ghost, mystery, romance
  • Religious, mythology, folk tales
  • Poetry
  • Lyrics
  • Directions
  • Letters
  • Scripts
  • Texts
  • Social media: Facebook, Instagram, snaps, tweets
  • Advertisement, Slogans

Examples of writing

Use the reading we’ve done together in class as models or guides for the kinds of writing you want to do: Bianca Bosker, Dale Trumbore

Additional examples, based on the kinds of writing you’ve mentioned as being interested in:

Interview / Reflective autobiography: Nicole Cliffe, “Alanis Morissette on Pregnancy at 45, Childbirth, Postpartum Depression, and #MeToo

In-class writing prompts

You may choose to revisit and expand any of these as a piece for your Writing Portfolio, using the prompt as a starting point for your ideas.

  • When has a piece of music, something you either created or heard, made a significant impact on your life? What qualities or context made that piece so significant?
  • What’s something that surprised you in today’s class?
  • What can you learn from an in-person discussion that you can’t learn any other way?
  • How is thinking like a musicologist different from how you typically listen to music?