All Writing in this category is graded on a scale of Credit/No Credit and will be revised as part of the Writing Portfolio.

Late policy / Extensions: Every student may have one extension for any assignment in the “Supporting your growth” category, no explanation necessary—life happens. Request an extension in person or via email at least 24 hours before the scheduled due date and set your own new due date. Whatever the due date (or if you do not request an extension), late assignments lose one point per day, up to two weeks, and will not be accepted after 14 days. An assignment that is submitted late and receives a grade of No credit may still be revised; the final grade will reflect the number of days the first submission was late.

All writing experiences that received a grade of No Credit may be revised before the end of the term. Requirements for revision are available here:

Writing #1 (soundscape) – due T Sep 10 / Th Sep 12

Writing #2 (table of contents) – due T Sep 10 / Th Sep 19

Writing #3 (ethos/music of now) – due T Sep 17 / Th Sep 26

This writing is based on the online discussion held September 8-15, available here

Writing #4 (an account after rameau) – due T Sep 24 / Th Oct 3

Writing #5 – Due T Oct 22 / Th Oct 17

WRITING #6 – DUE T Nov 5 / TH OCT 31

Writing Portfolio check-in (in-class T Oct 29 / Th Oct 24)

Writing #7 (Music criticism) – Due T Nov 19 / Th Nov 14

Concert response essay – due as part of the writing portfolio T Dec 10 / Th Dec 12

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