Along with in-class participation and quickfire email responses, all writing experiences in Mu 102 are graded on a scale of Credit/No Credit, and our student-defined criteria for grading are available here:

All writing experiences that received a grade of No Credit may be revised before the end of the term. Requirements for revision are available here:

Finally, here are our community asks — what we ask of ourselves and of each other to get the most out of our time in Mu 102:

Writing #1: Soundscape (due W Sep 11)

Writing #2: An account after Rameau (due M Sep 23)

Roundtable discussion #1 (M Oct 21)

Articles assigned for this discussion:

WRITING #3: the ethos of now (DUE M Oct 28)

wRITING #4: concert essay #1 (DUE M Nov 4)

See here

WRITING #5: music criticism (DUE M dec 2)


See here

Final in-class project (M Dec 16)

Listening materials are available here.