Here are two short videos about things that only happen to your brain in the context of experiencing music: learning to play an instrument and attending live performances.


-Dr. J.


What happens when you learn to play a musical instrument?


What makes live music special?

4 thoughts on “Why music is special

  1. When you learn how to play a musical instrument you use your mind in multiple ways that arent the same in other activities. Your motor and cognitive skills kick in and your brain is full use. Researchers have shown that playing and listening to music creates the mind to be active the way no other activity can do. Live music is so special because it is a way of people bonding without realizing. In a single room everyone gets excited and their minds are all fixed on one thing which is the music being played. This forms a unity that not can activites can do to multiple people at once.


  2. Music is very useful and also stimulates your brain to cause brainwaves which help you to think. Sometimes when I can’t concentrate in school I listen to classical music and soundtrack that helps me to think more critically. Even sometimes when I feel stressed about some issues in my life I feel like music is a good therapy for me and makes me relax.


  3. Also by learning how to play an instrument children can learn that discipline and hard work is required in order to achieve success. Actually play an instrument requires a lot of hours of practice and development of skills. I think this is important to teach to a child since an early age because children should learn skills that will help them through their lives.


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