Welcome to Spring 2016 Introduction to Music at QCC!

We’ll be using this blog to have online class discussions led by me and by YOU! Each student will have to create a blog post at an assigned point in the semester. Other classmates will be required to comment on the post. This experience will form the basis of a formal writing assignment due later in the term. 

This blog will also be a resource for listening to music covered in class, reading assignments from sources other than the textbook, class assignment prompts, lecture notes, reminders about upcoming due dates, and other music- and college-related information.

Navigating this page:

  • Pages across the top: Class Blog Project (latest classmate blog post for your section of MU 110), course materials (syllabus, class notes, Power Point slides), formal writing project prompts, assigned reading, music covered in class, and study tips.
  • To the right will appear a link for the latest classmate blog post for your section of Mu 110.
  • To the left will is a section marked “Categories” — use this to find old posts from classmates in your section of Mu 110.
  • Below this on the left is a list of all recent posts from not only me but also classmates in both sections. Below this is a list of recent comments by fellow classmates on blog posts.
  • Finally, on the left side is an archive (by month) of all posts to the blog by all users.

Need to contact me? Send me an email at music.drjones@gmail.com. Include a salutation (Hello, Dear Dr. Jones, etc) and a closing (Sincerely, Thank you, See you tomorrow) with your full name. That way, I’ll know who you are!

Don’t forget to send me an email with your WordPress user name. (That way, I’ll know who you are on this blog!)

I look forward to sharing great music with you and learning from you this semester!

-Dr. J

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