We will hold roundtable discussions three times in the Fall 2019 semester, giving you an opportunity to voice your ideas, learn from your peers, and dig more deeply into musical ideas–without any input from the instructor.

A loosely-structured seminar discussion is the typical format of upper-level undergraduate courses as well as all graduate work (masters and doctoral level). The point of a seminar discussion is precisely that: to discuss. In the process of discussing, you are forced to clarify what you think by articulating your ideas in a clear and persuasive manner, and at the same time you learn from the wide array of perspectives and experiences that your peers bring into the conversation. The discussion may organically move to unexpected topics, but the main takeaway from a learning experience like this one is that all of your knowledge and resources are related—there is no such thing as a separation of academic subjects when you really approach a topic critically. Your familiarity with the assigned material, your own initiative in doing additional research, and your engagement with each other is what will make for an effective and enjoyable class.

Dates and topics

Aesthetics – T Sep 17 / Th Sep 19

Musical careers – T Nov 26 / Th Nov 21

Final discussion (Topic TBA) – during the scheduled final exam, T Dec 16 / Th Dec 18