There will be 8 online class discussions in which you’ll be participating this semester, with not only your colleagues at Purchase but also students at Queensborough Community College.

Detailed description and grading rubric: Class blog

Dates for the online class discussions are:

  1. August 26-September 3, “The physiology of music”
  2. September 4-10, “The (responsible) listener in classical music”
  3. September 18-24, “What’s a conductor for, anyway?”
  4. October 2-8, “Composers as people”
  5. October 30-November 5, “Ballet”
  6. November 6-12, “Women in the classical music world”
  7. November 20-26, “The recording industry in the pop and classical music worlds”
  8. December 4-10, “How to make a living as a classical musician”


There will be one final blog post (no commenting required) to prepare for the Final Project. The blog post will be available December 9-15; the Final Project will take place after the final exam on December 15.