Project 2 will begin in class on April 8. The final draft is due May 6.


A recording of the assigned piece: Richard Wagner, Prelude to Lohengrin, Act 3 (1850)


Prewriting (in-class April 8)

MU 110 Project 2 – pre writing


First draft (due April 15)


MU 110 Project 2 – first draft prompt

MU 110 Project 2 – first draft rubric


Second draft (due via email April 22)

Email your second draft ( as an attachment (not in the body of the email, not GoogleDrive, not OneNote, etc). Use the feedback you received in class on April 15 to revise your essay.

This draft must also incorporate background historical knowledge provided in this article: MU 110 Project 2 – Williams excerpt You do not have to quote the article directly, but your essay should demonstrate that you’ve taken the ideas in it into account in your analysis and consideration of the implications of Wagner’s music.


Final draft (due May 6)

MU 110 Project 2 – final draft prompt and rubric