Accept the email invitation to become a contributor to the website for your section of Mu 110 (F1 or F4). The email you receive will look like this:


Clicking “Accept Invitation” will take you to a website that asks you “Would you like to start contributing to [website]?” Click “Join.”


Now you’re at the class website AND you’re logged into WordPress. To submit your SBP and to participate in the SBP discussions for your section, use the top navigation bar:

  • Formal Writing Assignments
    • Student blog post
      • Your section


The “Student blog post” link takes you to complete instructions, rubrics, and prompts for all SBP assignments.

The link for each section of Mu 110 takes you to the website for either F1 (Mondays) or F4 (Thursdays). This is where you’ll submit your SBP and comment on classmates’ posts.


Now you’re on the website for your section of Mu 110:

To submit your own SBP, click the “My Sites” button at the top left of the page.

Click the “Add” button next to “Blog Posts.” If this option doesn’t appear, it means that you haven’t yet accepted the email invitation to become a contributor of the website.


Write your blog post!

Type your title where it says “Title.”

Paste your SBP from your word processing program (Word, Pages, etc.) in the blank body space below the formatting tool ribbon.


Formatting: You can use the formatting tool ribbon beneath your title (text style, bold, italicized, bullet points, justification) just as you would in a word processing program. This is helpful for adding heading to different sections of your SBP (select the text you want to be a heading and change the formatting using the drop-down menu—the default is “paragraph” but there are several levels of larger heading text to choose from). The three vertical dots at the right of the tool ribbon contain advanced formatting options (font color, indents, horizontal lines, etc.).

Youtube videos: Paste the URL for any YouTube (or similar sites) link in their own line in the body of the post. An example of a URL is: WordPress will immediately convert your URL to a video (this URL didn’t convert to a video because it isn’t written on its own separate line of text).

Embedding links for sources:

1. Use your mouse to highlight the text you want to appear as a link and then click on the chainlink icon in the tool ribbon.


2. A dialogue box will appear. Paste the URL of the site you want to link to in the top box. The text that will become an active hyperlink (that you already typed in the body of your SBP) will appear in the second box. Click the “Add Link” button at the bottom of the dialogue box.


3. Voilà! The selected text in your SBP is now an active hyperlink!


Submitting your SBP

Proofread and double check that your SBP reads the way you want it to on the screen—in the screenshot above you can see a Preview option to the left of the post (for seeing how the final product will appear when published). When you’re done, click the blue “Submit for Review” button on the left (see the screenshot above). This will allow me to publish your post for the rest of the class to read.

Email your revision reflection to me ( to complete your final draft. I will not grade your SBP without a revision reflection, and I will not post it to the SBP discussion without a revision reflection.