Below are PDFs or links to all reading assigned for Fall 2019 Mu 101 – Introduction to Music, at Queensborough Community College and Fall 2019 Mu 102 – Principles of Music, at Borough of Manhattan Community College. Each class meeting will begin with a quiz that covers the reading assigned for that day.

Texts are listed alphabetically by author, and refer to your course calendar to be sure you read what has been assigned:

Cage, John, “Lecture on Nothing”

Clark, N. Alan, Understanding Music: Past and Present

Clark, N. – Understanding Music

Cook, Nicholas, “The economics of music” from Introduction to Music Studies

Cook, Nicholas – The economics and business of music

Cornelius, Steven and Mary Natvig, Music: A Social Experience

Cornelius 2-7

Cornelius 207-209

Dorris, Jennie, “The Audition,” from Boston Magazine


Ellis, Katharine, “The sociology of music” from Introduction to Music Studies

Ellis – The sociology of music

Forney, Kristin and Andrew Dell’Antonio and Joseph Machlis, The Enjoyment of Music

Forney 4-7
Forney 8-16
Forney 17-25
Forney 26-32
Forney 33-35
Forney 102-107
Forney 150-155
Forney 162-165
Forney 276-281


Rivera, Jennifer, “Shouldn’t You be fatter?”

Samson, John, “Music History” from An Introduction to Music Studies

Samson – Music history

Schafer, R. Murray, A Sound Education


Titon, Jeff Todd, Worlds of Music: An Introduction to the Music of the World’s Peoples

Titon 1-4
Titon 18-30
Titon 210-215

Yudkin, Jeremy, Understanding Music

Yudkin 18-21
Yudkin 23-25
Yudkin 26-29
Yudkin 29-30
Yudkin 115-126
Yudkin 130-134
Yudkin 139-144
Yudkin 159-170
Yudkin 245-253
Yudkin 301

additional resources (BMCC students only)

Instruments and voice types

Music and economics

Musial educations and the education of music

Music and gender

Music and violence


Sound migration