This is the first formal writing assignment to be completed in Mu 110. This essay will be an opportunity for you to gather and explore your thoughts as you begin this class: about music, about yourself, about your academic career, and about this course. It will be completed in drafts with instructor feedback, with the final draft due March 13 (section F1, Mondays) or March 9 (section F4, Thursdays).


First draft

The first draft is due February 27 in section F1 (Mondays) and February 23 in section F4 (Thursdays). All information you need to write an effective essay is included in the essay prompt (below).

First draft prompt: course-intro-essay-first-draft-prompt

First draft rubric (to be stapled to the front of your essay): course-intro-essay-first-draft-rubric


Final draft

First drafts will be returned to you with completed rubrics, comments, and suggestions for revision one week after they’re submitted. Use the instructor feedback you receive to revise your essay.

Final drafts with a reflection revision are due March 13 (section F1, Mondays) or March 9 (section F4, Thursdays).

Final draft prompt: 01-course-intro-essay-final-draft-prompt

Final draft rubric: 01-course-intro-essay-final-draft-rubric

Make sure your submission is complete. When you hand in your final draft, turn in all the following pieces in order, stapled together (I will not have a stapler on hand in the classroom):

  1. Final draft rubric (with your name and section number)
  2. Revision reflection
  3. Final draft
  4. First draft reflection (Google form, printed and returned with your first draft)
  5. First draft with rubric and comments