This essay will be your first piece of formal writing in Music 101. It serves as an introduction to the class and will get you thinking about your relationship with course material. It will be completed in several steps, and we’ll be spending a large chunk of time on this assignment.

Course Intro Essay prompt: CIE prompt

Course Intro Essay rubric: CIE rubric

Course Intro Essay editing suggestions: CIE general feedback

Online submission how-to: CIE how to post

Online constructive criticism rubric: CIE critique rubric

First draft

The first draft of this essay is due via email by 11:59pm on the following days:

  • Section J2 (Tuesdays): September 19
  • Section C3A (Wednesdays): September 20

First drafts are not graded (they are a critical opportunity for feedback) and late first drafts will not be accepted. First drafts will be returned in class the following week  (September 26 and 27).


Final draft

The final draft of this essay with a revision reflection is due in class:

  • Section J2 (Tuesdays): October 3
  • Section C3A (Wednesdays): October 4

The complete submission contains, stapled in order:

  1. Rubric with your name and section number
  2. Revision reflection
  3. First draft and graded rubric
  4. Final draft

The revision reflection is required and I will not grade your essay without it. Your essay is late until the revision reflection is submitted. Refer to the essay prompt for a description of the revision reflection.

Graded final drafts will be returned the following week in class (10/10 and 10/11).


Online submission

The final step in this project is to choose one paragraph from the final draft to further revise and submit for peer critique on the website for your section of Mu 101.

Submissions are due by 11:59pm on October 15 for all students to the website for your section of Mu 101:

During the week of October 17-23, your task is to comment constructively on each others’ paragraphs.