The piece played before class was John Cage and Lou Harrison, Double Music (1941): 


Other pieces played in class, arranged alphabetically by composer’s last name:


Ludwig van Beethoven, opening chords of Symphony No. 3 in E-flat Major “Eroica” (1803)


Johannes Brahms, String Quartet in A minor, Op. 51 No. 2, I. Allegro non troppo (1873)


Philip Glass, String Quartet No. 2 “Company,” I. (1983)


Philip Glass, String Quartet No. 5, III. (1991)


Steve Reich, Clapping Music (1972)



Steve Reich, Drumming, Part 1 (1971)


Frederic Rzewski, Coming Together (1971)

Score: rzewski-coming-together

Performance notes: rzewski-coming-together-notes



Anton Webern, String Quartet Op. 28 (1937-38)